• Katie Campbell

Picking Up Speed, Aligning ourselves with our path

So, we've been kind of quiet the past several months because, well, in order to be our best selves for you (our clients) we've needed to step up our game and make sure we have every single, cute lil' duckling in a row. Katie has risen to the plate and raised her big ol' business lady bat to get our plans underway and create a space that reflects who we are and what we strive to do.

It may seem like I am being vague, and I am. There are a lot of changes underway, amazing changes that we are so excited about, but with no specific dates (other than April being a huge month for us), all I can say is that we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to set the stage for a practice that the city of Gadsden and surrounding areas can be proud of and confident to reach out to for their massage and bodywork needs.

It may seem like a small step in this direction, but as of February 4th, my (Vivian 😁) Mondays are online. For those of you who don't know me, I have been a therapist since 2014. While I had a massage home for about 6 years, it wasn't the right space for me and after some trial and error, I found Katie again (I'd worked with her before at my old massage home) and I asked if I could come on deck with her. She accepted me with open arms and we started dreaming big!! I'm trained in several modalities, and in love with the ideas of the more unique treatments (I'm trained in Sacred Lomi Lomi and it was a life changing class for me! Check it out sometime. It's beautiful!).

Anyway, with plans for me to have my own room in the next few months, we decided to add me to our online scheduling. I am excited to see new clients again, and am hoping that this little bit of added accessibility will allow more clients to experience what I have to offer! Over the next several months you will see updates and change after change, big and small, that we will talk about. Sometimes it could be something visually appealing:

And other times we will be letting you all in on our current state of affairs with changing and improving our studio!!

So anyway, bare with us and please give us feedback! We are here for you, our current and future clients! Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to work with you soon. ❤️

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