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Tuesday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm
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Therapeutic Massage

Tailored to fit the individual's needs through a variety of techniques, therapeutic massage is an excellent way to alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and create an overall feeling of balance. 
30 min - $40
60 min - $70
90 min - $100

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Hot Stone Massage

Take the chill off with this luxurious, yet practical modality, sure to be a pleasure to those that enjoy some extra warmth and weight to their massage.
60 min - $80
90 min - $110

Hot Stone Massage

Prenatal Massage

Every expecting mother deserves the chance to unwind and relieve the stresses (both physical and mental) that come with carrying their baby. 
30 min - $40
60 min - $70
90 min - $100

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Deep Tissue Massage

Beneficial to those with sports injuries like tennis elbow, all the way to disorders like fibromyalgia, deep tissue massage is ideal for stiff muscles that need some extra attention.
30 min - $40
60 min - $70
90 min - $100

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Classic Swedish Massage

This popular style of massage in an all-inclusive method for anyone. Whether you are looking to increase your blood oxygen levels, improve the quality of your sleep, or simply relax, this treatment is virtually beneficial and safe for everyone. There is a reason that Swedish massage continues to be the most sought after massage treatment in the US.

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* aromatherapy added free of charge upon request 

* hot towels added free of charge upon request


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